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Automotive parts manufacturer was having issues with heavy scale in the process equipment. QMS installation eliminated the problems.



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Customer had problems with both the cooling tower (scale and algae) and the heat pump loop (heavy bacteria and circulating particulates). The QMS HydroPlex keeps the tower clean with no algae or bacteria and the heat exchanger scale free. The loop no longer is contaminated with bacteria and the water is now clear.




This hospital had extremely poor quality make up water. A QMS pre-treatment water unit was installed to provide quality water for boilers, cooling towers and domestic water.



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This restaurant had severe problems with scale in the ice makers and the water heater. The QMS scale control units and filter units eliminated any future problems.





This county building had water quality so bad that they had to add anti-scale chemicals to the domestic water. The QMS system eliminated the problems so that chemical pre-treatment was no longer needed.





Automobile manufacturer had problems with a heat exchanger being fouled with debris and contaminated with bacteria and algae. The HydroPlex eliminated both problems.




The cooling tower basin at this hospital would fill with sand from a nearby beach and algae would quickly form. The HydroPlex sweeper jets and filter eliminated the sand issue and the copper/silver ionization system prevented the formation of algae.




The parts manufacturer had constant problems with debris in the ground based cooling tower basin. Also, the tower was in direct sunlight causing algae to form. The HydroPlex eliminated both problems.




This government facility had the usual cooling tower issues with scale formation, heavy debris in the tower basin, high bacteria count and algae. All issues were eliminated with the HydroPlex installation.




The Manufacturer had problems with particulates form the manufacturing process circulating in the rinse water. The QMS Special Engineering treatment system eliminated the problem.




This automotive parts manufacturer had constant problems with material from their process and dirt and other debris collecting in the ground tower basin. Hard water would cause the fluid cooler tubes to develop scale and lose efficiency. A modified HydroPlex was installed and all problems were solved.




This food processing plant was plagued with algae and bacteria forming in the cooling tower. The HydroPlex was installed to eliminate the algae without the need for toxic chemicals.









This county operated nursing home has a ground tower that would form debris in the tower basin which would adversely affect efficiency and cause bacteria to form. A HydroPlex was installed to solve the problems.




A plastics manufacturer had constant problems with heavy debris from the cooling tower forming in their process equipment. A Special Engineering HydroPlex was installed and saved the company 1400 gallons of water per day.




A motel had hard water which was effecting the efficiency of their laundry operation. A QMS water pre-treatment was installed. The Motel uses less soap and gets better results.




This government facility had a heavily scaled hot/chilled water loop due to leaks in the system causing excessive make up water being used. The BoilerPlex/Loop system was installed to remove existing and prevent any future accumulations. Ultimately the leaks were found and repaired.




The power plant had typical cooling tower issues, algae, scale and debris in the tower basin. A HydroPlex installation eliminated the issues requiring chemical treatments.




This manufacturer had problems with the cooling tower water causing heavy scale formation in the cooling equipment for diesel engines used in the production process. The HydroPlex eliminated all scale in the heat exchangers.




A sealant manufacturer had severe scaling in the chiller. The HydroPlex solved the problem.




This company manufactures circuit boards. The cooling towers, hot/chilled water loops and domestic water heaters all experienced hard water scale formation. Additionally, the towers had the normal problems with algae, basin debris and bacteria. The HydroPlex installations and the BoilerPlex boiler/loop systems eliminated all of these issues.




The government facility had the normal issues with the cooling tower/chiller and the hot/chilled water loop. A HydroPlex and BoilerPlex were installed and all chemical treatments were eliminated.




An older government facility installed new boilers. A BoilerPlex was installed prior to putting the boilers on line to prevent rust and corrosion as a result of disturbing the plumbing from fouling the new boilers. Maintenance had to clean the filters every two days until all of the debris was removed from the system. The boiler water is now clean, and clear of all debris.




The same building as above also replaced the chiller. Another QMS Boiler/Loop treatment unit was installed to prevent the fouling of the new equipment. Again, no fouling occurred because the QMS unit trapped it before it reached the chiller.




Nothing special here, just a HydroPlex installation to resolve the issues associated with a normally problematic cooling tower/chiller installation. The HVAC equipment has been running efficiently ever since.


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