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Most facilities are operating at only 40% to 60% efficient. Why? Because what is seldom completely understood is the critical importance between proper water treatment and having the heat transfer equipment and controls working in concert with clean water to provide efficient heating and cooling. While clean water free of bacteria, rust and circulating particles as well as proper conductivity and pH is critical to HAVC equipment and plumbing achieving it’s design service life, properly operating components such as valves, pumps, heat exchange units, proper ventilation, duct work, louvers, controls, water velocity and volume and a myriad of other issues are absolutely critical for overall efficiency. All of these components have to be balanced and work together to achieve this efficiency.

In addition to water treatment units to ensure that your equipment is operated free of damaging circulating particulates, scale and bacteria contamination, we offer performance based HVAC solutions including measurement, testing and balancing as well as optional corrective action. This process ensures that your equipment, building automation systems and other components as well as other systems interact properly with each other. This always results in a building operating at maximum efficiency and will substantially reduce energy and labor costs. Once the facility is operating at optimum efficiency, we train your maintenance personnel to test and maintain the equipment and provide complete service manuals for each water treatment unit. Additionally we offer an optional inspection (recommended each year) of your HVAC systems and components to ensure that you are receiving full value for your investment in the HVAC equipment. We provide a service for customers that is unprecedented in the industry. No other company has ever offered total solutions from water treatment to complete HVAC equipment and controls performance and balancing.

QMS has developed and manufactured comprehensive water treatment units for HVAC applications since 1994. These units address all of the water issues normally associated with cooling tower/chiller and hot/cold water loops and hot water and steam boilers. The units are environmentally friendly and will usually provide the customer with a return on investment within three to five years of operation.

QMS HydroPlex is a self-contained, non-chemical synergistic system for the treatment of cooling towers and chillers. It eliminates hard water scale, bacteria (including Legionella Pneumophila), algae, and sump debris through a combination of colloidal nucleation, ionization, sweeper jets in the tower basin and filtration technologies. The HydroPlex controls tower water conductivity at the manufacturers recommended levels, and continuously monitors the piping for any corrosion. The HydroPlex is the only turnkey maintenance solution that completely resolves all water treatment issues normally associated with cooling tower/chiller system operation. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in cooling tower maintenance.


Hot water boilers, hot/chilled water loops and process water loops are nearly always overlooked and under treated. Corrosion, particulate contamination, rust and bacteriological contamination are frequent issues with this equipment. Results are high erosion rates of pumps, fouled controls and degradation of plumbing, valves and other components. The synergistic QMS system includes the CWI water conditioner, filtration, circulation pump and, a copper/silver ion generator for microbiological control (if needed). Also included is a field programmable controller to regulate output of the ion generation cells and a corrosion monitoring unit. Efficiency is greatly improved, maintenance is reduced and the service life of the equipment is extended.

We have many years of experience with a diverse background in design/build O&M, testing/balancing and “hands on” construction of HVAC systems. We have made dramatic improvements in all types of facilities to increase their over all efficiency and extend the service life of their equipment. Our process of testing and measuring the performance of building HVAC systems, and our ability to balance and tune these systems to work together results in far lower operating costs and increased occupant comfort. The goal is optimizing building systems performance and process water efficiency. In today’s world of increased energy costs, increased equipment costs and more intrusive government regulations, it is important to keep equipment operating at maximum efficiency, and operating as long as possible

The benefits are obvious:
Reduction or elimination of toxic chemicals
Increased efficiency
Reduction of cost of operation
Reduced maintenance
Greatly extend the service life of equipment
Eliminate paying sewer charges with optional deduct meter on tower water bleed off


Water savings by:
Reducing run time of chillers
Able to run higher cycles of concentration which conserves water
Reduction or elimination of toxic chemicals


Eliminate temperature differentials in the facility
Properly control humidity.

We offer to install water treatment units at your facility for a demonstration period (varies with the type of unit) so that you can see the value of efficient operation for your HVAC equipment. At the end of the demonstration period you can either purchase the unit or return it to us with no further obligation. Contact us for details.

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