QMS is the first company to offer a complete line of environmentally friendly products that actually solve fluid treatment problems rather than simply treating them. Continuous research and development since 1996, while manufacturing and installing thousands of treatment units, has allowed us to achieve this success. QMS endeavors to design, manufacture, and implement the highest-quality fluid treatment solutions. The object of our fluid treatment innovation is to yield solutions that reduce costs, reduce water consumption, conserve energy, increase safety, and improve the environment. We offer sensible economic, and environmentally prudent solutions.


QMS represents the culmination of 18 years of research, development, installations and field-testing of fluid treatment devices for hard water scale, bacteria control corrosion monitoring corrosion control and filtration. Research has yielded a diversified line of fluid treatment products that solve complex, pervasive problems. The resulting products are not only useful and desirable, but also economically indispensable, and environmentally imperative.


With specially designed synergistic technology QMS's water treatment methodology eliminates hard water scale in boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, hot & cold water loops and chillers, and eliminates bacteria in cooling tower systems, process water systems, domestic hot water systems, and prevents their re-emergence. Further, the units filter the water and control TDS. The unique corrosion monitor will alert the customer if any corrosion is occurring so that immediate action can be taken to address and solve this issue. QMS' technology will normally eliminate it's customers' need to use expensive and hazardous chemicals, reduces maintenance costs caused by hard water scale by up to 60%, and increases energy efficiency by 10% - 15%. In the rare instance where a customer's water has an extreme condition, QMS can also address this with non-toxic chemical treatments or source water pretreatment.

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